California man in suspected road rage killing admitted to firing gun

California man in suspected road rage killing admitted to firing gun


Santa Clause ANA, Calif. – A Southern California man accused of killing a 6-year-old kid in an over the top anger occurrence a month ago told police he pulled out a firearm and terminated at a vehicle on the turnpike after he blew up with a driver who made an inconsiderate motion, examiners said.

Orange County examiners wrote in a court record documented Wednesday that homicide presume Marcus Eriz, 24, told police on June 6 that he got the stacked firearm, lowered the window and fired at the vehicle driven by a lady who motioned toward him on a road while he was en route to chip away at May 21.

The shot slaughtered 6-year-old Aiden Leos while he sat in a promoter seat toward the rear of his mom’s vehicle headed to kindergarten, investigators have said.

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Days after the fact, a colleague revealed to Eriz that specialists were searching for a vehicle like the one he utilized with his sweetheart, Wynne Lee, 23, who since has been accused of being an extra afterward, the court recording said.

Eriz at that point concealed the vehicle in an overall’s carport and rather began utilizing a red truck, shaved his facial hair and started pulling back his hair, examiners said in the record, while considering Eriz an “outrageous threat” and requesting that the court deny him bail.

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Eriz and Lee are planned to be summoned Friday for the situation that has attracted shock the district of 3 million individuals, where numerous individuals, similar to Leos, depend on interstates to will work and school.

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The pair were captured outside of their Costa Mesa loft on June 6. Eriz was accused of homicide and taking shots at an involved vehicle and with improvements and has been hung on $2 million bail. Lee faces the embellishment charge and a charge of illicitly conveying a covered gun and is being hung on $500,000 bail.

Eriz’s lawyer, Randall Bethune, and Lee’s lawyer, Tom Nocella, declined to remark before the arraignment.

In the court archive, examiners said Leos’ mom was driving on the turnpike May 21 when she was cut off by a vehicle driven by Lee and Eriz, to which she reacted by holding up her finger inconsiderately. She at that point heard a boisterous bang and her child say “ow” and she pulled over and saw he was seeping from his chest, the archive said.

A huge stuffed toy bear and a banner board with a photograph and notes are essential for a dedication for Aiden Leos, the 6-year-old kid who was shot and murdered during a speculated over the top anger assault in Southern California in late May.

Days after the fact, investigators said Eriz wielded a weapon at another driver on the expressway.

“This bold demonstration of undermining different workers with a stacked gun shows this Court that the Defendant can’t handle his feelings and the littlest occasion can set him into a dreadful fury,” examiner Whitney Bokosky wrote in the documenting.

Investigators said Lee is additionally a flight hazard and recommended that her bail stay at $500,000.

In the weeks after Leos’ demise, specialists offered an award for tips prompting a capture and said they got hundreds from the local area.

They said the couple’s vehicle, a white Volkswagen Golf SportWagen, was generally uncommon and that assisted agents with finding it through observation film.

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