New friends: An orangutan makes itself at home in a village of humans

New friends: An orangutan makes itself at home in a village of humans


An orangutan coincidentally found a far off Indonesian town and was greeted wholeheartedly. The experience was caught on recordings posted via web-based media where residents said the orangutan looked ravenous and feeble.

The spouse of the head of Lusan town, Muhammad Irham, saw the orangutan swinging from one tree to another and got scared, Irham told VICE. She immediately hammered her entryways shut and called different residents to observe the swinging primate.

“It would appear that it was searching for food since it’s ravenous,” Irham said.

On June 9, residents shared film of individuals controlling the orangutan across a little street and holding its hand. The response from individuals was blended, some chuckled with enchant while others showed noticeable dread. In one clasp, the orangutan is seen taking an agreeable snooze in the wake of being taken care of jackfruit, bananas and milk.

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Albeit the orangutan left for the woodland after the subsequent day, it returned a day later for additional bites. In the wake of being cautioned of the creature’s essence, the East Kalimantan Natural Resources Conservation Center carried the orangutan to a preservation community. It was subsequently delivered once again into the woods.

The middle discovered a CPU inside the grown-up male orangutan, so they speculate he was recently delivered into the wild from a preservation program.

Jamartin Sihite, the CEO of the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation, disclosed to VICE different variables could clarify why the orangutan “wandered excessively near people unafraid,” including diminished accessibility of food, the effect of environmental change and timberland fires.

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